“Fruits and vegetables”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

A happy life is built up by many small things, and it certainly includes safe and nutritious meals. Therefore, HiFarm’s farm brings a source of completely natural agricultural products, clean and fresh. HiFarm’s planting process starts from the selection of healthy seeds, suitable to Dalat’s climate. After that, the seedlings are automatically grown and perfectly cared for. Finally, HiFarm’s farmers will harvest the freshest fruits which achieve the best quality, carefully packed and delivered to customers. We desire to contribute to the happiness of your family through safe products. Choose HiFarm products in order to enjoy and protect your health as well!

nông sản HiFarm - cà chua socola


Tomatoes are not just food or vegetables, with HiFarm cherry tomatoes, they absolutely can be your daily fruit. HiFarm chocolate cherry tomatoes are very firm, less water, naturally sweet. They’re easy to store for daily eating. Moreover, HiFarm Cherry Tomatoes meet VietGAP standard & 90% Global GAP.



HiFarm Strawberries are extremely delicious with pure sweet taste, high in vitamin C, vitamin B9, potassium. They are good for cardiovascular system, cancer prevention and physique improvement. HiFarm strawberries are grown on substrata to limit pests and infections. In particular, modern farming methods make them fresh, fragrant and brittle strawberries.

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nông sản HiFarm -dưa pepino


HiFarm has researched and brought to Vietnam a premium Pepino melon, originating from South America, also known as "sweet cucumber". Pepino Melon is very popular in many foreign markets such as New Zealand, Australia, America, Peru, Chile ... With sweet taste, many vitamins and various ways of eating, Pepino melon is a great new choice!

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