HiFarm was born with the desire to bring high-tech solutions to solving all agricultural issues and become a trustworthy supplier of agricultural ecosystems.

1. Vision

Bringing high-tech agriculture solution to Vietnam. HiFarm will become a trustworthy supplier of agricultural ecosystems so as to build sustainable development.

2. Mission

Solving all agricultural issues by providing an advanced solution and clean agricultural products for consumers.

3. Business Philosophy

Co-operating to develop

Aiming to the win-win business relationship, we provide high-quality solutions and products as committed to the sustainable benefits of both parties.

Creating distinct values

We make the distinction through incredible in agriculture: smart solution, an automated system as well as information technology.


Agricultural products are taken care of at every stage. Agricultural solutions are promoted for higher productivity.

hifarm solution


By using IoT, HiFarm solution control 5 factors: EC, PH, light, temperature, soil humidity/air that help farmers to save effort, time and improve the productivity as well as the quality and output of agricultural products.

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With the criterion of 3F – Fresh from Farm, brings consumers fresh agricultural products from HiFarm farms, which are rigorously tested at every stage from farming to packaging.

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In 2050, what happens will be if the population in the world reaches about 10 billion? Climate changes, natural calamity, drought and lack of foods will be happened when farming becomes more difficult.

Trying to prevent these futures happen, a team of engineering in HiFarm has researched and created an automatically agricultural solution that provides an ideally closed environment for the variety of agricultural crops to grow well and harvest high productivity.

HiFarm believes that high – tech agriculture is a good solution for food issues in the future. Cooperating with HiFarm, farmers not only ensure their own economic development but also contribute to sustainable development for humanity.

Our Team

Huỳnh Lê Anh Vũ
CEO & Co-Founder

Nguyễn Duy Xuân Bách
R&D Director

Nguyễn Tiến Đăng
agricultural engineer


Our Clients

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Hẻm 7p, Nguyên Tử Lực, phường 8, Đà Lạt, tỉnh Lâm Đồng

Kontum City